SaniKey Flex: a hygienic keyboard that suits every workspace

Rotterdam, june 8th 2016

Craytech, manufacturer of hygienic solutions, expands its territory from medical environments and clean rooms to the everyday workspace. With the introduction of the SaniKey Flex keyboard the company expects to reduce sick leave among the users of flexible workspaces.

A regular computer keyboard copes with one big problem. It’s practically impossible to clean and therefore a hotbed of bacteria. The solution seems obvious: a keyboard that CAN be cleaned. These already existed for critical environments such as operating rooms and laboratories. Now with the SaniKey Flex, Craytech also brings the hygienic benefit to all those people who aren’t surgeons or scientists. Because hygiene is important to all of us.

SaniKey Flex is an affordable hygienic keyboard for all those places where hygiene may not be vital but is nonetheless considered important. It’s a keyboard that can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Also, it comes equipped with active technology that kills bacteria.

Stefan Meijer, spokesman for Craytech, empathizes the keyboards central role when it comes to workspace hygiene. "Flexible workspaces are handy but totally unhygienic. You share a desk with people who cough, sneeze or don’t wash their hands. This quickly turns a keyboard into a playground for bacteria. With SaniKey Flex everyone can overcome this problem. The investment is small and the keyboard will pay for itself. Improved hygiene is actually the key to reducing sick leave."

The SaniKey Flex keyboard is available for purchase today from distributor Formex Medical.


Dutch hospital declares war on touchscreen bacteria

Rotterdam, march 2 2015

Dutch hospital “Erasmus Medisch Centrum” is the first in the world to equip their new Onyx Zeus medical touchscreen computers with antibacterial screen protectors. The film is manufactured by Craytech, who only recently introduced their antibacterial ‘SaniFilm’ product.

The SaniFilm screen protector contains a silicon and zinc nano compound that kills bacteria as soon as they come in contact with the film. The solution is effective against well-known bacteria such E. Coli and MRSA.

Leo Groenendaal, manager Medical Technology at Erasmus MC is excited about their choice for SaniFilm. “We have been using hygienic keyboards and mice for a while but when it comes to computer input we see a clear gradual shift towards touchscreen use. A protective film with antibacterial properties helps us to adequately respond to this. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the film is guaranteed by the manufacturer for the lifetime of the computers.”

Maria van Antwerpen is the spokesperson for Craytech, the manufacturer of the film who specializes in innovative, hygienic products. “Certainly a hospital is an environment where our new product can be of great value and where our passion for hygiene is being shared. But really SaniFilm is an essential product anywhere. We all know smartphones and tablets have them, but we also see touchscreens being used in for example hospitality and public transport. We are all touching these screens and are exchanging bacteria by doing so. And what makes our concept even more special is that our films can be used everywhere: we customize the size to meet the exact needs of our customers.”


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